Gates Foundation - $ 10 million bribe for compulsory vaccination in Nigeria

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According to the Daily Post, a Nigerian daily newspaper, the Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) is said to have offered the House of Representatives the amount of $ 10 million for the swift adoption of the compulsory vaccination law in Nigeria.

Who is the Daily Post / Nigeria - Fact Check

Daily Post is a newspaper developed and written exclusively for Nigerians. The newspaper reports on local and national news, politics, metro, economy, entertainment, sports and opinions. Daily Post is featured in Google News and is one of the top news sites in Nigeria. There are 7 million monthly visits and 50 million monthly impressions. The newspaper's social media pages have also continued to grow rapidly. Daily Post was founded in 2011 and has since set a standard in the evaluation of new media, as it has professionally guaranteed journalistic ethics through a fair and balanced relationship.
Within eight years, the company has found its place in different parts of the country and now has reporters covering individual states, the National Assembly, the judiciary and other relevant government institutionsare divided.

The Daily Post has won several awards, some of which are the Custodian of the Nigerian Dream Award, the best newspaper in coverage of Boko Haram (Northeast), and has been nominated for several awards including the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award.

The managing director and editor of the newspaper is James Bamisaye. (Wikipedia)

What happened - Compulsory vaccination law in Nigeria?

The United Political Coalition (CUPP) claims to have intercepted a report by the intelligence agency that the Nigerian House of Representatives was ready to forcefully adopt the mandatory vaccination law without subjecting it to a legislative process.

In a statement made, signed and signed by opposition party spokesman Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere and sent to DAILY POST in Abuja on Monday, the panel called on legislators in the lower chamber to address and review the matter.

The statement claimed that the American Multibillionaire Bill Gates a sum of $ 10 million offered to influence the swift adoption of the law without resorting to the legislative public hearing, a development that they considered anachronistic, and added that the spokesman Femi Gbajabiamila should be charged if he forced the members to submit the bill.

The statement read: (Originally translated from English)

"The Opposition Coalition (CUPP) has intercepted very credible information and is warning the Nigerians of plans by the House of Representatives led by Femi Gbajabiamila to pass the otherwise known laws on infectious disease control with vigor and without compliance than the law on the compulsory vaccination, which proposes compulsory vaccination for all Nigerians, even if the vaccines have not been discovered.

"This information is combined with the information that sponsors and sponsors of the bill from sources outside the country who are very interested in the bill have received a total of $ 10 million to be distributed among lawmakers, to ensure the smooth running of the bill.

“This will be manifested in a public hearing, which the organizers still want to cancel on the pretext of containing the spread of the coronavirus. The news is that tomorrow, May 5, 2020, the house will pass this law after it resumes.

“The Nigerian opposition opposes the law and urges opposition legislators in the House of Representatives to confront the House speaker with these facts tomorrow in plenary and to oppose any plan to pass the law illegally.

"We were informed that the alleged agreement to pass the law was made a few months ago while traveling to Austria, while financial support for the promotion of the law was allegedly received last week to mobilize for an initiative to help Hurry led Try to pass the law by any means necessary.

“Nigerians are reminded that there is currently no discovered / approved vaccine anywhere in the world, and people are now wondering why there is a rush to pass a mandatory vaccine law if there is none.

"What if the world doesn't find a vaccine or cure for coronavirus at some point like it hasn't found a cure for HIV-AIDS? What is the rush to pass a law that is based on speculation, or is there anything else the house management wants to tell the Nigerians? Will this bill stop mass extinctions and infections in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Gombe, Borno, Kaduna, Ogun, Bauchi and across the country?

“Will this bill revitalize and grow the economy, reduce hunger, and give us more test kits or hospital beds? Will this bill stop the theft of palliativa for poor and vulnerable Nigerians? Is it true that all of these rumors are in relation to the alleged $ 10 million?

“The management of the house now has to talk about why it is in a hurry to pass many urgent laws that are not being processed.

"Where is the bill to make face masks mandatory after the federal government, despite all wisdom, has insisted that the block be released and people have already been removed from the market without following the health regulations that make them safe?

"Where are the economic recovery laws to protect jobs and vulnerable Nigerian workers whose livelihood is under daily threat from this pandemic? Where are the bills that are supposed to force the federal government to look inside and promote emergency research into the production of basic foodstuffs such as test kits, respirators, personal protective equipment, vaccines, medicines, masks, disinfectants, etc.?

"All opposition lawmakers should demonstrate that they are not part of evil or financial incentives, and spokesman Femi Gbajabiamila should be confronted to get answers.

“Drop all parliamentary rules and opposition members should scrutinize the house with their parliamentary privileges if necessary to stop this foreign-sponsored bill.

"Why enact a law for a vaccine that hasn't been discovered? Does this mean that Femi Gbajabiamila and the promoters have an idea of ​​the vaccine and when it will be ready? When nations like Madagascar make local remedies that work, APC makes a law to forcibly inject Nigerians with vaccines that our former slave masters have not yet discovered.

“The plan to push ahead with the law is evil!

"The Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, has not contributed to the drafting of the bill and has even directed Femi Gbajabiamila to suspend the bill because the timing is wrong, but Mr. Gbajabiamila believes he can ensure the silence and approval of the bill . The NCDC, with all of its illegal powers, was made available to the NCDC in the draft law, so it wants to continue driving the passage.

"As we told the federal government before, don't bring Chinese doctors with you, don't close our external borders, don't relax the lock, don't relax the Kano lock, and they refused to take wise advice that preferred, myopic Playing politics with Nigerian life. Today, transmission in the community is deteriorating and it has almost been confirmed that the so-called strange death of hundreds of citizens in Kano is due to COVID-19.

"We say again loudly and call on the House of Representatives to suspend this Infectious Disease Control Act and to wait for adequate investigation after the pandemic and to make every effort to find the support necessary to reduce the spread and find a self-developed solution afford to."

Conclusion according to the biting knowledge

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is trying to bribe the incumbent government in Kenya with $ 10 million to enforce vaccination law.

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House of Representatives - Nigeria - (c) Daily Post Nigeria

What's next?

The House of Representatives has decided to appeal Bill Gates' $ 10 million bribe charge to house members to pass the Infectious Diseases Act.

Deputy spokesman Ahmed Wase made a personal statement on Tuesday, requesting an investigation into the allegation.

"I would like to state that in the interest of Nigeria and the collective interest of our country not a single cent was accepted and that anyone who makes this malicious statement has questioned my integrity. I think this is not correct. We would again ask that the House set up a committee to investigate this allegation and make the necessary allegations. "

"Perhaps a statement should be made here. For me, they only believed people who said that social media should be regulated, that's all they did. These people who say you can't regulate social media

You cannot regulate “fake news”. It is the same people who are taking part in these activities to infiltrate this house. In the end, they shot themselves in the leg.

Majority leader Hassan Ado Dogwa and minority leader Ndudi Elumelu denied the allegation and called for legal action.

Opposition to compulsory vaccination

A coalition of northern and southern groups opposed to forced vaccination attempts in Nigeria has told lawmakers who support the Infectious Diseases Act to prepare for a tough National Assembly.

Her communique was given by Aliyu Amshi (citizens own Nigeria), Segun Onibiyo (vanguard of democracy), Ibrahim Bunu (patriotic front of the Middle Belt), Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Igbo Renaissance Forum), Sammy Brown (Supreme Council of Ibibio Youth) and Eric Oluwole (Yoruba Youth Coalition).

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